Mindfulness Meditation

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Quoted From: https://www.pausemeditation.org/intention

"Make space for meaningful content in our every day experience.It is practiced in many forms yoga, zen, concentration, gratitude, mindfulness, prayer all of which share the common thread of cultivating a sense of space in our lives, an ease of well-being, and a respect for our ability to select and create truly meaningful experience.We draw from various wisdom traditions and make these practices accessible and understandable for everyone, and applicable to any belief system. We are part of a movement to bring meditation into our western cultural paradigm, while respecting and upholding its origins. We also geek out about neuroscience and all of the incredible research being published about our brains and bodies as they relate to mindfulness.We welcome people from all walks of life and offer insights, perspectives and practices for everyone, regardless of their prior experience.We are each other's greatest teachers. We're excited to share what we know, AND we're excited to learn from you. There is so much wonderful energy in the greater Portland area around these practices. We're grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with individuals, organizations, and businesses as we all contribute to the growing mindfulness community.These are all practices that carry momentum and add up to a new way of life, a new way of being in the world. A big part of our inspiration for this project is to bridge the gap between formal meditation in a studio and our every day lived experience. Whether we're sitting silently on a cushion, drinking a cup of Stumptown, writing a report, jogging in Forest Park, or connecting with a friend...every moment is an opportunity to cultivate mindfulness and wellbeing. To be present, to live fully."

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