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"The world can be a complicated place. It becomes even more complicated for the child, adolescent, or adult who experiences differences in information processing, learning, emotions, or relationships. But complicated doesn"t have to mean bad.

Understandably, we all interpret other"s behaviors based on our assumptions about how people work. Sometimes, we"re right (or at least close to right). Sometimes, however, a behavior that looks like one thing turns out to reflect something else entirely.

All too often, young people with learning differences, with unique sets of intellectual skills, or with emotional struggles are misperceived by parents or teachers or peers. They may be seen as "unmotivated," "oppositional," "limited," "out-of-control," or "lazy." These explanations, however, usually don"t help folks actually understand a young person"s reality; they certainly don"t lead to future success. To the contrary, being subjected to such terms can make a complicated world feel like a bad place indeed.

In the words of Ross Greene and Stuart Ablon, "Kids do well if they can." At MindSights, our goals are to help parents, teachers, professionals, and young clients understand the strategies that will allow them to do well. Sophisticated identification of emotional, educational, and cognitive barriers to success is the first step in either removing or working-around those barriers. Once young people are allowed to "do well," a complicated world can start to feel much more manageable. And gratifying. And safe. These are all good things.

By gathering information from lots of sources, we help put the pieces together and develop a more holistic understanding of a young person"s struggles and strengths. We believe responsible and sensitive psychological assessment can help turn complicated life experiences into more successful ones. Knowledge is power. And solid, sophisticated, and scientifically-sound knowledge is especially powerful when it is translated into comprehensible and practical terms. Making complicated issues understandable and making complex data useful are two of our core principles.

We want to help people help kids to do well, and to make that complicated world feel a lot more comfortable."

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