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"Naturopathic Medicine is simply good medicine that uses the body"s ability to heal itself to achieve health and wellness by using natural, non-toxic therapies. Naturopathic physicians are primary care physicians that are trained to diagnose and treat a wide variety of diseases with natural therapeutics. Treatment plans are developed and adapted to each individual patient with an emphasis on treating the whole person. Therapies that I use regularly include:
Craniosacral Therapy
Energy Medicine
Flower Essences
Clinical Nutrition
Botanical Medicine (Herbal Medicine)
The Principles of Naturopathic Medicine is the foundation for understanding that I use when I evaluate patients and develop a treatment plan.
Nature is the force that can truly heal. The body heals itself all the time. As a physician, I want to listen to the body to understand why it is doing what it is doing and give it what it needs to start the healing process.
Treat the cause of the problem. By identifying what the real cause of the disease is, I can support the body to heal rather than just cover up symptoms of the disease.
Do no harm. Do not hurt the patient with a treatment. What I prescribe must bring health to the whole person. I want to minimize side effects and work with the individual"s self-healing process to achieve health and wellness.
Doctors are teachers. I educate patients about their bodies and how to support their own healing process.
Treat the whole person. Every aspect of a person"s life influences their physical health. Sometimes the cause of a disease is not just physical. The cause of disease can be environmental, emotional, mental, social, genetic, or spiritual. By working with the whole person, I treat the real cause of the problem and allow nature to do its healing work."

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