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"If you experience an injury after an automobile accident or you injure yourself during physical activity, you may benefit from treatment with naturopathic physical therapy and spinal alignment. Naturopathic physical therapy works to encourage improved function and pain relief through musculoskeletal alignment.Naturopathic physical therapy is a branch of holistic medicine that works to promote proper musculoskeletal alignment through naturopathic spine adjustments and other hands-on specialty adjustment techniques. Naturopathic physical therapy works to realign your spine and improve your posture. Your spinal column consists of stacked bones called vertebrae.

These vertebrae rotate and move with one another whenever you twist, turn, or bend. Over time, general wear-and-tear can restrict the movement of certain spinal segments.

Naturopathic physical therapy restores the movement in your vertebrae with gentle naturopathic readjustments of your spine.

The process is similar for joint injuries and problems like sinusitis. During treatment, your doctor carefully manipulates the affected joint or the bones in the skull to encourage proper alignment and to promote healing. Naturopathic physical therapy is safe and well-tolerated. Most patients remark how comfortable and painless the adjustments and maneuvers are compared to other treatments they have had. No two naturopathic physical therapy treatment plans are exactly alike. The team develops a plan based on your current health, the nature of your discomfort, your medical history, and your goals for treatment. To achieve the best possible results, it"s important to attend all of your treatment sessions."

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