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"Rather than simply talking about what is happening for us, NARM integrates the nervous system in the present moment, creating a deeper opportunity for change and growth.However so often, we are met with challenging situations throughout our lives that cause us to enter into a dysregulated state. We then develop survival strategies as a way to manage the sense of disconnection and dysregulation we experience as a result. By attuning to our own survival strategies in terms of how they contributed to our survival in the past and understanding how they play out in the present moment, we can gain a greater sense of understanding, ease, and self- compassion as we move forward in our lives.
The NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM) is a modality that focuses on helping those with complex developmental trauma work with survival patterns that cause dis-ease in their lives to approach a sense of greater ease, aliveness, and engagement. You can learn more about NARM here:"

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