New Movement Patterns

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"Each body has an unique way of moving. Using small, gentle, slow movements, I learn your habitual ways of movement the ones that are serving you and those that have outstayed their welcome and are causing you discomfort. Using my knowledge of well-organized, efficient motor development and functioning, we will explore new, holistic movement patterns to add to your repertoire. While your comfort increases and your unnecessary effort reduces, you become more available to sense subtle, yet significant sensory distinctions. Through this increased awareness, you connect directly with your nervous system. Your nervous system, eager to conserve energy, quickly integrates the new, efficient, comfortable movement patterns. Your nervous system will then take over the long-term work of choosing effective, pleasurable ways of moving. With your increased sensory awareness and newly developed exercises, you will have the knowledge and tools to treat future pain and injuries. You won"t have to fear the same old slippery slope that leads to your chronic pain, aches and pains, or an unexpected injury, because you will know effective, easy, quick ways of getting yourself back on the pain-free track."

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