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We specialize in trauma-informed, mindfulness-based psychotherapy, using traditional and alternative methods
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Sometimes life can feel overwhelming and incredibly painful. Our experiences can leave deep scars that can profoundly impact our daily lives. No matter how much we try to "get over it" or "move on," we can feel trapped by fear, worry or depression. We can feel doomed to repeat the same troubled relationships over and over. We can feel powerless to change anything about our lives. Our painful experiences can get in the way of who we are and how we want to be in the world.
And these barriers are not just "in our heads." A clenched stomach or feeling of being frozen when faced with loss or fear; tight shoulders accompanying stress and anxiety; the warm, relaxed feeling that can come when talking with a good friend or being out in nature -- our lived experience, both good and bad, resides in our bodies as well. And those painful experiences, especially ones that happened early in life, can have a lasting impact on our bodies. They can lead to chronic pain, digestive problems, fatigue, and a host of other problems.
There is hope however! Healing is possible! You can take back your life! Through the support of a nurturing, therapeutic relationship, backed by training in research-based methodologies. I offer support and guidance on your journey of healing. Together we will work to discover what gets in the way in your life, and bring healing to these areas so your authentic self can shine through."

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