Oregon Hospice & Palliative Care

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To build and facilitate a strong cooperative network of providers and other existing resources at the state, national and international level.
To provide a steady flow of relevant information and communication among existing and evolving hospice and palliative care groups.
To promote research to improve the care of terminally-ill Oregonians and their families.
To participate in the collection of data on end of life care on a national basis.
To encourage the completion of POLST forms for all hospice and palliative care patients at the time of admission or enrollment.
To promote a clear understanding of the hospice and palliative care philosophy and services for health care professionals and the community at large.
To respond to requests for and to initiate the provision of information about hospice and palliative care.
To promote hospice and palliative care services in underserved populations.
To offer regulatory guidance to hospice and palliative care programs.
To establish OHPCA as a leadership organization in the realm of end of life education.
Quality Assurance
To keep all member providers of hospice and palliative care services aware of new developments in standards.
To provide education and support for programs to remain compliant with standards and quality measures.
To maintain a position of advocacy for highest quality of hospice & palliative care.
To monitor, respond and provide input into health care legislation and regulation relevant to hospice & palliative care.
Resource Development
To provide adequate funding for maintenance and growth of the organization."

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