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A leading women's rehab center in Portland OR, our programs are specifically designed for each individual. Contact us about our women's addiction programs
Quoted From: https://oregontrailrecovery.com/addiction-recovery-programs-portland/womens-drug-rehab-portland/

"You may not have considered rehab for women as an option for you or your loved one. Women may prefer a gender-specific program to help them understand concerns that frequently accompany substance use, including childhood trauma, eating disorders, or other negative psychological conditions. Being with other women who are experiencing the same issues or who have dealt with and learned from similar concerns can create a comforting and supportive atmosphere in which to heal.

Male patients may be distracting or pay unwelcome attention to women in rehab, which in turn can make women feel vulnerable or less open to therapy. Women"s rehab centers also provide additional services, including childcare or parenting classes, that may be more relevant to women who are the primary caregivers in their families. To be able to recover and master life skills that are relevant to your life with the support of other women who understand these roles can make all the difference in the effectiveness of a rehab program"

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