Our Psychological Immune System

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Our innate health is like an immune system for the mind, though few know about it. Knowing something about it will keep you from picking your emotional scabs, so to speak, and shorten the distress time, while encouraging the healing process.
Quoted From: https://www.marriagefriendlytherapists.com/blog/our-psychological-immune-system

"A nutritionist I worked with some years ago, had this to say about the immune system: "It is a highly specialized front-line defense that identifies, and destroys disease-causing invaders." Her description was quite compelling; it sounded like the latest high tech missile, capable of not only identifying, but also destroying the enemy.

I couldn"t help but see the mind-body connection. I had learned that our mind is also capable of identifying the enemy; or to put it another way: we can know our own thoughts and we are quite capable of thinking thoughts that can hurt us. In other words, we can be our own worst enemies; the choice is ours because we are equipped with free-will. We can use our free-will to accept our negative thoughts about ourselves and the world around us or we can choose to reconsider our long held beliefs. Since we are capable of thinking about our thoughts, you might say that nature provides our psyches with an immune system as well, capable of identifying and destroying hurtful thinking.

But just as many of us ignore the warning signs from our physical immune system, such as weight gain when we eat too much, or sluggishness when we don"t sleep enough, we often ignore the psychological signs that try to tell us we"re putting our attention on thoughts that can hurt us. We are built with an arsenal of psychological defenses that can aid us. If we learn to spot the psychological warning signs and use our awareness, we can turn away from hurtful thinking.


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