Out-of-Control Sexual Behavior

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"Are you worried you"re watching too much porn? Are you spending hours a day in online chat rooms? Are you paying for sex and lying to your partner about where the money is going? You might be struggling with compulsive or out-of-control sexual behavior. If you have a partner, you"re either terrified about what will happen if they discover the truth, or your relationship has already been turned upside down by a recent discovery.If you"re single, you feel trapped by your obsession with sex and can"t imagine ever having an honest, healthy relationship. We know you"re feeling scared and overwhelmed about what to do next. You"ve probably already labeled yourself as a porn or sex addict, and are drowning in shame and embarrassment about your problem. If this sounds like you, we"re glad you"re here. You"ve found a supportive team who can help.We do not approach OCSB through a porn addiction or sex addiction lens, and we do not prescribe twelve-step programs as part of the recovery process. Healthy sexuality is a core part of your humanity, and we do not find that abstaining from sexual thoughts and experiences is a treatment route that leads to healing and wholeness for our clients."

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