Ozone IV Therapy

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Quoted From: https://www.drdavidpdx.com/ozone-iv-therapy/

"For the patient, this experience is similar to donating blood. After the blood is drawn, it is quickly super oxygenated with ozone and dripped back through the same IV line into their system.

The process has shown to increase oxygen utilization, regulate the immune system, vastly increase the rate of metabolism, stimulate the production of ATP and other energy molecules, stimulate regenerative cells and growth factors, as well as enhance circulation.

The third oxygen atom of ozone makes it extremely reactive. This atom readily attaches itself to other molecules. When contaminants such as bacteria or viruses make contact with ozone, it creates a minuscule hole in the cell wall. Once the cell wall is destroyed, the bacteria will be unable to survive. This process is called oxidation."

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