Pain-free Pleasurable Movement

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Feldenkrais Method in Portland, Oregon. Cynthia Birney is a movement specialist offering a process for changing pain into pleasurable, potent movement.
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"Are you experiencing any kind of debilitating pain?
Do you want to regain vibrancy and balance in all your movements?
Cynthia"s work provides a powerful source of relief from pain and has resulted in an enhanced quality of life for her clients. Her students regain pleasure in all movements engaging in their favorite activities, finding comfort while sitting at their computer, and playing, once again, with children and grandchildren. Anyone willing to change old habits for pain free movement and better balance will benefit, starting with the first session!
"I bow with gratitude for Cynthia"s skill and attention. She listens with her hands. She heals with her heart." S.M., Vancouver WA
"Cynthia is a magnificent teacher. I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with her." L.V., Portland OR

Cynthia"s gentle and potent work is of great benefit for a wide range of conditions, including chronic pain, arthritis, balance challenges, sciatica, whiplash, fibromyalgia, frozen shoulder, stenosis, plantar fasciitis, pain from accidents or surgeries, neurological conditions such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, MS and Parkinsons and PTSD pain.

The work also can be immensely helpful for dancers, musicians and athletes by giving them increased awareness of their movements while performing.

Cynthia"s use of the Feldenkrais Method produces a remarkable muscular-skeletal reeducation that reduces or eliminates pain while simultaneously creating a vibrant awareness of effective, pleasurable movement, sensing and thinking in our everyday lives. The method uses gentle, highly precise movement explorations to cultivate this awareness, evoking these beneficial changes by accessing and harnessing the extraordinary re-patterning power of the human central nervous system. Cynthia"s skilled use of the method"s neurologically meaningful processes allows pain and stiffness to recede as optimal, efficient and comfortable movement emerges and self awareness expands."

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