Passive Prostheses

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There are six prosthetic options for people with upper limb loss or limb difference. Our philosophy is to educate patients on the range of possibilities.
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"Passive prostheses are sometimes designed to look like a natural arm, hand and fingers. These prostheses are lightweight, and while they do not have active movement, they may improve a person"s function by providing a surface for stabilizing or carrying objects. Passive silicone restorations are custom painted to closely resemble the person"s sound arm, hand and fingers. There are also passive devices for partial hand and finger differences. Passive positional digits are robust and have a high-tech, metallic appearance. They are typically mounted onto a carbon fiber shell with a soft silicone inner socket, and can replace up to four fingers on a single hand. The user positions these fingers by pushing the fingertips against a firm surface into the degree of flexion needed for a specific object or task."

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