Permission to Play

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"Play has purpose. It helps connect you to the spark within you that finds joy in unexpected, silly moments. It helps relax you and encourages you to feel free to try new things. We"ll explore our curiosity through various playful modalities of creative expression including visual image making, movement, sound, and writing. Whether you never were given an opportunity to play freely as a child or you want to reconnect to that spirit, this is the workshop for you. No formal training is required. Come as you are and have some fun exploring. It"s never too late to learn to play.
What to bring:
drawing/mark-making materials of your choice
examples: pens, colored pencils, crayons, oil pastels, chalk pastels, markers, watercolors, etc.
choose one or more
paper appropriate for your choice of mark-making materials
a sense of curiosity"

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