Play-based interventions

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"Our services encompass the entire family. We practice a relationship based psychodynamic approach to therapy that utilizes both drama therapy and play therapy to reach children and adolescents for whom traditional talk therapy is less effective. Play-based interventions take each client"s unique profile, learning style, sensory processing, emotional needs, and regulatory issues into account. Additional services are available for adults, families, caretakers, educators, and professional providers who are seeking help with relationships, emotional growth, and innovative therapeutic and educational techniques. Cognitive behavioral techniques, group dynamics, and family systems are also taken into account.The Social Skills Through Drama program integrates theater games with therapeutic exercises to strengthen assertiveness, communication, empathy, flexibility, and collaboration with the developmental milestones created by Drs. Stanley Greenspan & Serena Weider in their Developmental, Individualized, and Relational theory of child development."

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