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A therapist offers includes insight, direction, expertise, acceptance, empathy, confidentiality, and an opportunity to make your life better.
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"When people go to the doctor with a health problem, or take their car to an auto mechanic, they have a pretty good idea of what is going to happen. That isn"t always the case when someone comes in for counseling. Will we just chat? Will I have to lie on a couch? Will I have to do homework? Should I talk about my mother? Some people aren"t sure if they really need therapy, or if therapy will be helpful to them. A lot of mystery seems to shroud what exactly therapy is and who would benefit from it.
Therapy is an opportunity to understand your feelings, behaviors and thoughts in a different way. There are times when the challenges in life may lead to anxiety, hopelessness, depression, helplessness and despair. You may be feeling scared, rejected, insecure, alone, and lacking direction. You may feel stuck and unsure of how to make the changes that will bring you relief. Hands down, therapy can help you find your way out of this pain."

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