Post-Adoption Support

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"Strengthening your connection with your child builds a foundation of trust and safety you can each feel. Families who feel connected can build resilience and positive bonds, even through storms and challenges.
With a focus on child development, attachment, trauma and brain science, I help clarify the WHY behind behavior challenges, unpack sensory sensitivities, and ease transitions. Kids can build resilience as they grow; it"s an important part of navigating life and relationships.
When adoption is part of the story, regular growing up tasks can feel a little more 'sticky' and take time to settle into. These are some dynamics I see often and have experience helping with:
easing fears building self-esteem
lying stealing
grieving death of a loved one or other separations
weathering rejection shame perfectionism
exploring identity belonging
sensory sensitivities regulation issues
sibling conflict
defiance aggression
neuro-developmental differences (FASE, ASD, ADHD to name a few)
talking about adoption with kids telling tough truths
off-track behaviors related to early trauma, including neglect and abuse
building trust healthy attachment relationships"

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