Premarital Counseling / Relationship Check-up

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"You're excited to be moving to this next chapter in your relationship! What will you wear? Who will you invite? When's the big day? You're spending lots of time planning for the wedding but have you started planning for the marriage?
You know you want a long-lasting healthy marriage, maybe one better than the relationships you saw growing up, but how do you get there? Perhaps you've lived together for a long time before getting engaged and think premarital counseling isn't for you. You might already know what you expect from your relationship after marriage. But do you clearly understand what your partner expects from marriage? Have you developed a clear plan for how your marriage will handle the most common marriage pitfalls?
Premarital counseling will help:
Identify areas of strength and potential growth
Develop additional communication skills for navigating the toughest challenges
Explore how family history may impact your relationships and what to do about it
Create a plan for how you'll enjoy the fun stuff and survive the hard stuff hand in hand.

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