Psycho-Spiritual Counseling Approach

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"Transpersonal Psychology is a psycho-spiritual counseling approach, meaning that it blends elements of Western Psychology with the wisdom of the world's spiritual traditions. From this point of view, psychological healing and growth are seen as a part of your spiritual unfolding - realizing your true nature. The transpersonal perspective is a very positive approach to counseling because it values important spiritual principles such as love, happiness, inner peace, presence, and well-being.
This approach does not ignore the pain and suffering that human's face, but rather opens to this reality very deeply with the faith that there is significant meaning to the trials and tribulations you face in your life. From this viewpoint, healing uncomfortable emotions, painful trauma, and negative self-beliefs in counseling can be approached as a sacred part of your spiritual journey.
A valuable element that the transpersonal view draws from the Eastern spiritual traditions is the power of presence. The mind has the capacity to travel to the past and future, but all your power is in the present. Being present allows you to live fully in each moment. When present, you are more capable of dealing with life's challenges, more able to experience the joy and satisfaction of your life, and you can also be with yourself and others more completely."

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