Punching Dementia in the face one day at a time

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"Mom was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2012. Dad vowed to keep his sweetheart at home and take care of her until the day she died, and my sister and I believed him because he's that kind of man. As it turns out he"s also the kind of man to die of pancreatic cancer. Suddenly. With little time for us to do anything except promise him that we would take up the baton and continue the race. It"s been three years of marathoning with Mom and her dementia. And while she's busy forgetting most of what she knew, we're learning a thing or two...

...about the hilarity of accepting the unacceptable,

about teamwork between two very different sisters,

about care giving tips and tricks...

...especially utilizing resources in the Portland, Oregon area.

So I"m going to vomit up all my care partner words in a fervent hope that it will strengthen my resolve and further my commitment to this exasperating, hilarious, heartbreaking, and gratifying journey, and to share and learn from others marching down the same road.

I"m stumped in Stumptown, but slowly figuring it out.

~ Lickety"

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