Rebel Heart

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"We provide psychotherapy and relationship counseling for adults and teens who think, live, and love outside of the box. We specialize in working with clients who identify as LGBTQ, poly, sex workers, burners, gamers, geeks, artists, weirdos, black sheep, unicorns, and generally anyone who colors outside of the lines. We offer individual, relationship, family, group counseling and workshops in a fun, chill, stigma-free environment where mental health care is self-care.Therapy is a collaborative space to explore things in your life that may be causing you trouble personally and interpersonally. This space is a safe space for you to explore things because of the boundaries we put in place. At Rebel Heart, we believe psychotherapy works by first helping you develop the tools to handle emotional states that challenge you most. With these new tools, we begin to work through experiences, both past, and present, that cause you pain or difficulty."

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