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"Reiki ("Ray-key"), which means "Universal Life Energy," is a Japanese healing art similar to laying on of hands. As a Reiki Master, I channel the living, loving energy all around us to your body, and your body"s wisdom applies it to what most needs healing.

I use at least a little Reiki in most sessions, especially at the closing, when I place a hand on your belly and a hand on your forehead, and ask the Universe to give you whatever healing you need. You can request a full Reiki Treatment, or Reiki mixed with the other modalities I practice.

Reiki Treatment
You begin a typical Reiki session lying fully clothed, face-up on a padded table. I place my hands gently over different positions on your head and body. I stay in each position three to five minutes or as long as your body seems to want the energy in that place. You may feel warmth or tingling under my hands. Your stomach may gurgle or your body twitch as you relax. Most people find themselves deeply relaxed after a few minutes and some even fall asleep. After about ten positions on the front of your body, I ask you to turn over for a few positions on your back. You end the session face-up once again for a peaceful closing.

As I perform the treatment, my hands receive feedback about your body"s energy needs, so each treatment is highly customized for you.

Reiki History
The healing art of Reiki is believed to be of ancient origin, but it was lost for a time. It was rediscovered by Dr. Usui in Japan. He decided to search out a new way of healing after studying ancient Tibetan texts. After 21 days of meditation and fasting high on a mountain, he received Reiki in an intuitive flash and many healing miracles occurred upon his descent from the mountain. He learned that he could not heal people unless they were seeking healing, so he opened a healing center in Japan and gave Reiki energy to those that came to him.

Reiki Training
Reiki is passed on from teacher to student through a ceremony called an attunement. Dr. Usui taught Dr. Hayashi, who eventually taught Mrs. Takata, who taught many students here in the United States. I trace the lineage of my teacher, Priscilla Stuckey, directly back to Mrs. Takata and from there to Dr. Usui himself. I received the attunements and instruction for Reiki I, II, and Reiki Mastery."

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