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"The Emotion Code Was discovered by Dr. Bradley Nelson and is a powerful and pain and drug free way to rid yourself of the unseen baggage of trapped emotions. Trapped emotions are emotional energies that stuck in your body. These trapped emotions can fester in your life and body, creating pain, discomfort, dis-ease, and malfunction.
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Do you feel blocked? Uncertain about what to do next? Struggling with a relationship? Having money problems? Working together, we will identify those trapped emotions that are causing you pain, suffering, depression and anxiety and rid you of them. It is similar to therapy but you don"t have to say anything. Let me connect to your subconscious and find what wants to come out first and remove it just like that. You will feel lighter and happier after your first session. Packages available if you decide to take a healing journey instead of just a visit.
Most of us aren"t aware that we have trapped emotions that are blocking our bodies natural ability to heal. Let me help you identify them and clear them once and for all. Life coach, healing trauma as an emotion code and body code practitioner"

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