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Rose City Health & Wellness provides specialized care and treatment for individual survivors of childhood and adult trauma. Clinicans are trained in EMDR Trauma Therapy and skilled in treating complex trauma, anxiety, depression, OCD, behavioral disorders
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"We work compassionately and creatively with children, teens, adults and families to heal physical and emotional symptoms arising from trauma and other experiences. Trusted family and friends are encouraged to participate in the treatment process.

Rose City Health & Wellness clinicians are trained in different trauma informed treatments, including EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and specialize in the treatment of Complex PTSD. Evidence-based methods are used to stabilize and build skills before trauma is addressed. Treatment is targeted to rebuild neurological pathways and remain within the client's window of emotional tolerance. We work to provide a stable, safe environment that facilitates healing.

We are effectively treating many behavioral, physiological and emotional disturbances, including PTSD, flashbacks, depression, anxiety, panic and dissociation."

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