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I was sitting in my backyard with overwhelming gratitude.
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"I was sitting in my backyard with overwhelming gratitude.

Maybe it was the sun shining after a particularly long winter, maybe it was just the delight of morning, because there is nothing particularly note worthy about my backyard. In fact there are large areas of mud from the dogs playing too rough and pulling up the grass. So, on that morning, as I sat drinking coffee and being grateful for my very humble back yard, I thought to myself " I"m just going to throw some grass seed down and see what happens."

Then I took my dog for a walk.

We have two dog parks to choose from, both walking distance. On this sun, shiny, grateful day, I chose the better park. the one that's father away. I also chose to walk the long way. And if I hadn't made those seemingly minor decisions I wouldn't have come across a big pile of brand new grass sod with a sign- FREE.

I suppose now is a good time to preface this story. I talk a lot about intentions in my yoga classes. I full heartedly believe in them. So being grateful for a humble backyard, deciding to plant some seeds of grass and then being gifted full grown sod, was just another moment of gratitude. The thing about setting intentions.planting seeds of intent, is that it"s not this woo woo wish with fingers crossed, it takes work and nourishment. To manifest by definition is to show or demonstrate by ones acts. The lesson of this couldn't have come through more bluntly as I continued to plant my seeds.

So, I fill the car up with sod. Heavy, heavy rolls of sod. Two car loads worth. Wheel barrow it to the back yard and ask google how to lay sod down. Turns out, you have to till the land. Get rid of all the weeds, put fresh dirt down and THEN lay the sod down. After that you have to make sure it has just the right amount of water and sunlight so it can grow strong roots into the Earth."

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