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"Somatic Center Portland is a collective of Therapists, Acupuncturists, Body Workers, and Doctors in private practice. As a diverse community of practitioners, we"ve come together around one central principle: that the body and mind are not separate.ll of our therapists seek to integrate the wisdom of the body into therapy sessions through modalities such as Gestalt, Sensorimotor, Hakomi, or Contemporary Reichian Therapy.t SCP our practitioners are dedicated to the art and science of their work with physical challenges and disease. Our practitioners are trauma informed and able to help each patient find health and wholeness through medicine, acupuncture, and/or bodywork.Somatic means "Relating to the Body." At Somatic Center Portland we believe that the body and mind are always interconnected. By working with the body and mind together, we believe that we can deepen our relationship with ourselves and with our own processes of growth."

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