Somatic Experiencing Therapy

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Somatic Experiencing(R) Therapy will help you complete and release stress and trauma responses from the past and help you feel more like yourself again.
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"If you have overwhelming feelings, you"ll be glad to know that you can work with these a little bit at a time. You can start to feel empowered knowing that with the right conditions and support, your body can process and discharge anxiety, depression, self doubt, fears and feel more calm and balanced at the end of each session.
You may experience the safety of our therapeutic relationship, with someone who is warm, caring, protective, and knowledgeable of the process, grows your confidence that you can get better, naturally. We will work at a pace that feels right to you will grow a deeper sense of control, safety, and trust.You may be surprised to discover the gentle, invitational process of Somatic Experiencing therapy. It will help you complete and release stress and trauma responses from the past and help you feel more like yourself again, in a gentle sustainable way.
You will learn to do this by bringing your awareness to what is happening now, with less focus on the past. You may be surprised to find that you feel a little bit better after every visit.Biology of Now. You will learn how to bring not just your attention, but also your biology into the present moment in order to experience the shift that happens when your energy and your attention CAN be in the here and now. The biology of trauma keeps our attention on the past and future trying to rehearse and prepare for danger. It"s like looking in the review mirror while driving 60 miles an hour on the freeway.Completion rather than insight or analysis. Learn how to complete rather than just manage the experiences that lead to anxiety, depression anger and numbness. In Somatic Experiencing we use four channels available to our bodies to complete unfinished business rather than thinking and rehearsing over and over, but ending stuck in the same place again.Fight, Flight and Freeze. You will learn to see and experience the value in your 3 biological responses to overwhelming stress: Fight, Flight and Freeze. You may be surprised to discover that these states have a wisdom and purpose, that together we will make use of to help you complete unfinished business not just understand it. They can be undiscovered super powers.Making new habits autonomic nervous system supporting Flow. You will start to understand the habit of Fight, Flight and Freeze, in order to remember, practice and "wire" the state of Flow, where you feel "easeful readiness.""

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