Spiritual Counseling & Transformational Life Coaching

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Spiritual Counseling and Transformational Life Coaching supports you to rxpress, manifest and live the life you want.
Quoted From: https://www.revealedheart.com/life-coaching-spiritual-counseling.html

"Life is full of Transitions and Change, both large and small, happening silmultaneously and at different levels in our consciousness. Most are gradual, some abrupt and immediate, some rather difficult to bear, and many so glorious and wonderful. It's what they mean to us, how we handle them that makes our life interesting or a challenge.
Then, there are those times that feel so profoundly disruptive of the usual ways we have lived, an initiation called a "LifeQuake", which is always, I beleive, for our highest good, though it may feel deeply mysterious. In these times, you will need to learn to be fearless, to keep positive and forward-thinking, approaching this mysterious unknown time with a greater sense of adventure rather than with dread or fear. You may loose your sense of identity, surrender to the process of aging of the mind and body, retrieve lost parts of your self, hearing your own Soul calling you to remember how to live from your Authentic Self. This is big Soul-level work, done both unconciously and deliberatly.
Our Authentic Self, Conditioned Self, and our Soul Path Journey
When feeling our connection with Source, we act from our Authentic Self, with capacities of Compassion, Joy and Vision. The Conditioned Self, that part of us that is molded by culture, relationships, and family attachments, creating a limited view of our capacities and worth, is protective of keeping its interpretations about life intact. And when we feel the burden of being caged in by these limiting beliefs, we experience a deep discontent, an inner stirring to discover what lays beyond. Often, we dont know what it is that stirs us, and we dont how to remedy it.
It is the urging of our Authentic Self, to walk your Soul Path Journey in consort with the Mystery of Life, that invites you to shed your false ideas of yourself. As your Consciousness starts to evolve, the pressure of energy wanting to move is felt as pains in the body and mind. The Conditioned Self doesnt want to experience this, interprets it as painful and will make any strategy to avoid this pain, at all costs.
The pain is actually a gift. It is telling us we are evolving, our consciousness is elevating in frequency, energy is moving but blocked by the illusions of fear and separation created and maintained by the Conditioned Self. To remove the blocks, we have to question all the things we have been taught or believed in order to heal and grow into what we are here to Do and Be in this incarnation."

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