Springtime Insomnia

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"Here in the Pacific Northwest we are still technically in Winter, toward the end of February as I write this. We can see and feel the movement toward spring though, as we tilt toward the Spring equinox in March, as the days get longer and the classic "fool's spring" days become more frequent. With these generally optimistic conditions can sometimes come a vexing and unexpected side effect: spring time in insomnia!
For those who suffer from frequent sleep disturbances, each person has their own unique and special form of insomnia. Some people can't get to sleep (primary insomnia), some can't stay asleep (secondary insomnia), and many have a extra fun mix of both. There can often be a seasonal experience as well, and for some people the darkness of winter can help calm things down in terms of anxiety. Those first green shoots in April, or whenever they happen nowadays, can spell the return of a brighter and more activated season in a negative way for these folks.
What do we make of this in a Chinese Medicine context, and what can we do about it?
Spring is the season of the wood element, whose nature is likened to bamboo. If you leave a bamboo plant in your garage for too long, it will eventually punch a hole in your ceiling. This is the nature of wood: wild growth that finds a way around or through obstacles. This rising energy is crucial for the sleep/wake rhythms in our daily lives, and is especially strong in the springs as dormant plants regrow their bodies and begin to fruit."

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