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Did you know that TBI and post-concussion syndrome affects millions of people every year? HBOT can help with TBI treatment and recovery from stroke.
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"Advancements in medical science are happening faster than ever before. New technologies, techniques, and therapies are changing the way providers and people like you think about health, healing, aging, and wellness.

In today"s post, we"ll share exciting information about stem cells and the regenerative therapies offered at Urban Wellness Group.

What are stem cells?
Forget what you"ve heard in the media the truth about stem cells is far less complicated and controversial than you might think. Start by understanding that most cells in your body, like those found in blood or bones, have a singular purpose and function. Blood cells remain blood cells and bone cells remain bone cells.

Stem cells are different. Like other cells, they do have one purpose to help your body heal and repair. Unlike other cells, however, stem cells have unlimited potential and may act as a "repair system" for your body, becoming the type of cell your body needs to heal itself.

How are stem cells used?
It is only recently that researchers have begun to recognize the potential for stem cell therapies. Because of this, the possibilities and uses for stem cell therapies are always changing and growing.

Because of their nature, in theory, stem cells may one day be used to treat virtually any injury or disease. The potential for breakthroughs is essentially limitless. A few of the conditions that may be treatable by stem cell therapies could include:

Multiple Sclerosis
ALS & Alzheimer"s disease
Parkinson"s disease
Damage to cardiac muscle after a heart attack
Nerve damage due to diabetes
Musculoskeletal disorders and injuries in athletes
Joint inflammation
Sprains and strains
Everyday aches and pains of aging

Stem cell therapies are designed to supplement and direct the body"s natural ability to heal itself. As research continues and advancements are made, additional uses of stem cells are inevitable.

The connection between stem cells and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)
As we age, the number of stem cells in our body and the effectiveness of those stem cells decreases. Recent research has shown that the high oxygen environment of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) can lead to the synthesis of nitric oxide, which then results in the release and growth of stem cells.

Another fascinating study of stem cell therapy and HBOT in patients with diabetes showed promising results. After treatment, patients had lower blood sugar and a lower A1c, as well as an increase in C-peptide, an amino acid in insulin that helps the body to regulate blood sugar levels."

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