Surviving your teen's quest for identity

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"Do you sometimes wonder who snatched away your loving child and left behind someone who looks like him or her, but is different in nearly every other respect? You must have a teenager in your home.
Why are there such big changes at this time of life?
The tasks of adolescence are difficult onesa teen"s move from the loving center of the family into the bigger world is not easy for anyone involved. It is challenging for many reasons: usually there is more volatility, more raised voices and more eye rolling than ever. Even the most even tempered child in the grips of adolescent hormonal storms can fly off the handle. Brains are still under construction, yet are being asked to take on more responsibility and manage more stress. And as teens gain autonomy, parents worry more about the influence of their peers. Most parents spend some sleepless nights worrying whether the lessons given throughout a loving childhood will provide a safe haven when their teen needs to make an important decision in the heat of the moment.
Feel you are on a ride you didn"t sign up for? It"s normal:
Even when adolescence is going well, it can feel like a roller coaster you aren"t sure you want to be on. But it is important to know those feelings are normal, and understanding something about the developmental tasks of this age can make a big difference. I often turn to the wisdom of psychologist Erik Erikson to help my clients understand the teen years, and to reassure myself as a parent, too."

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