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Tree House Recovery PDX is a premiere Addiction Treatment Center specialized for men, located in Portland, Oregon. Call us today to begin your road to recovery.
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You"re a fighter. You"ve made the choice to seek treatment for your addiction, and you"re not going to let it defeat you. But you can"t face this opponent alone you need the right teammates to support you, and the right skills to get ahead.

Let Tree House Recovery PDX be your training ground. Our community welcomes men just like you: men who are ready to turn their lives around and find a way to overcome alcoholism or drug addiction, today and every day. Our treatment, provided by a top-quality staff of medical and addiction recovery professionals, strengthens your mind, body and spirit. No matter where you are in your fight against substance abuse, we are ready to meet you there and help you get back on a path toward sustainable recovery.
Fitness Therapy
ABI Therapy
EP Yoga Therapy
Recovery in Action
Addiction Education
Process Group
1-on-1 Therapy
Writing Therapy
Tree House Recovery is committed to rebuilding the minds and bodies of men affected by addiction. Our program is based on an eight-part core curriculum of evidence-based treatments, designed for men who are ready to develop the mental and physical fortitude they need to overcome substance abuse. Our therapies bring a variety of treatment approaches to the table. We know that every person admitted to our program has different strengths; therefore, different therapies will speak to them more than others. Whether you find yourself drawn to meditation, writing, or physical activity, our treatment encourages you to connect with yourself and your recovery.

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Our team of substance abuse professionals includes talented, experienced and qualified individuals and, above all, they are your teammates. We don"t subscribe to formal provider-patient relationships; we get to know you, we act collaboratively and we work with you at your level and your pace. Our founder, Justin McMillen, has been through his own battle with substance abuse and created Tree House Recovery with men like you in mind. Our clinical and physical staff members wholeheartedly believe in our mission of individualized treatment, and are dedicated to creating a supportive and encouraging recovery community."

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