The Adoption Journey Doesn't End Once You Bring Your Child Home

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"In addition to the challenges all growing children face, some adopted children may face challenges with attachment and bonding to their new families. Many may experience feelings of grief & loss, of dis-connection to family or friends, and/or they may simply feel restlessness or lack of direction as they grow older. If your adopted child is from a different country or cultural background, they may struggle to cope with all the new changes in their lives and questions about what life could have been like. Making things more difficult, these unique milestones can be extremely difficult to talk about even with close friends and family members. Without a clear support system to talk through these challenges, it can leave your child and family overwhelmed by doubt and uncertainty.The constant struggle to fit in and feel whole may lead some adopted children to develop unhealthy coping skills. Some may isolate themselves from their friends and adoptive families to avoid talking about their fears or doubts, which can affect their ability to form and maintain healthy relationships. Others might go on to develop anxiety, depression, or substance abuse problems as they grow older, making it harder to process and work through intense emotions."

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