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The Alexander Technique offers instruction in the best kind of self improvement, because it helps us understand more clearly how we function and enhances the more conscious kinds of attention and direction humans can bring to their own aid. Many people come for lessons because they are in pain. Learning to use oneself well in the normal activities of the daily round provides the foundation for good use in all activities, even the most demanding.

Good use is fundamentally dependent on the control of reaction. The Alexander Technique is essentially a form of self regulation that leads to better functioning all-around.

It's really the only way to decide whether this unique practice will be of aid to you.

F. M. Alexander
1869-1956. Actor, Reciter, Innovator, Teacher.

Alexander was a man with a problem. His intense desire to continue a successful performance career was threatened from loss of voice which caused him to cancel bookings. Extensive study of what he was "doing " to himself while speaking led to fundamental discoveries of wider aspects of neuromuscular functioning. His discoveries, and the technical practices he invented, allowed him to function at an immensely improved level. He was able to teach others his discoveries and practices and they too gained many benefits.

Studying the Alexander Technique offers a truly unique opportunity to understand how you work. Through gaining more self control over one's manner of reaction, the student gains a new control over muscle activity. Mood regulation, improved planning abilities, and reduced pain are common outcomes from study and practice of what is learned in lessons.

Rebecca Robbins and The Oregon Center for the Alexander Technique
As the most experienced teacher in the Pacific Northwest, I welcome the opportunity to teach the Alexander Technique to you or those you know. If you are looking to train to be a teacher, I can offer a continuation of the excellent training that I received.

Taking Lessons
At OCAT we offer private tutorials taught by Rebecca Robbins. She's also happy to help you connect with graduates of her teacher training class. She has 38 years of experience with the Alexander Technique and has taught hundreds of individuals. Fees are set to enable individuals to take the necessary number of lessons to gain benefits. Learning to use one's self differently can show just how automated we are, and several dozen lessons in as short a time as possible is highly recommended.

Teacher Training
Training to become an Alexander Technique teacher takes a while. Why not train at an excellent school in a beautiful city? OCAT offers a rigorous and enjoyable training that assures graduates leave with the ability to teach in accordance with F. M. Alexander's own writings and the best manual guiding practices. OCAT offers the only teacher training program in the Pacific Northwest recognized by the Affiliated Societies. Graduates receive certification from the American Society for the Alexander Technique, AmSAT.

Post Graduate Study
Graduates of any Affiliated Society - recognized teacher training courses are welcome to join advanced studies in the Alexander Technique at OCAT. This includes applying to join the training class, training to assist the director, teacher refreshers and special study classes. Check the calendar for current offerings."

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