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"We do not approach OCSB through a porn or sex addiction lens, and we do not prescribe twelve-step programs as part of the recovery process. Healthy sexuality is a core part of your humanity, and we do not find that abstaining from sexual thoughts and experiences is a treatment route that leads to healing and wholeness for our clients. We will create contracts to clarify the sexual boundaries in your relationship, but we won"t insist on the complete sexual abstinence model that many "Certified Sex Addiction Therapists" prescribe.

We know there"s a reason your sexual behaviors have become secretive, compulsive, and out-of-control. We know that the disclosure of these behaviors has wreaked havoc on your relationship. Our therapists are here to help stabilize your relationship, discover the root cause of the OCSBs, and walk you through the process of sexual healing together. This approach combines our standard methods for working through infidelity recovery (or discernment counseling) with our specialized understanding of treating Out-of-Control Sexual Behavior through a sex-positive, connection-focused lens. If you have any questions about our approach, please schedule a consultation here."

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