The Law of Attraction: How Journaling Helps You Create a Happier & Easier Life

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"The Law of Attraction basically says that whatever you focus on, or give attention to, you get more of it whether wanted or unwanted. It is a Law because it works all the time, without any conscious effort on our part, like the law of gravity. It works whether you believe it or not. As you sow, so shall you reap. Whatever you give out comes back to you. Simply said, you are energy and your thoughts are energy. What you put out, you receive.Whatever you focus on, or give attention to, you get more of it whether wanted or unwanted.
The truth is, it is natural to give more attention to what we don"t have (or the lack of something), and we have to learn how to give attention to what we want (or the vibration of having what you want). It is called the Law of Attraction because we naturally attract the same frequency we are sending out. Energetically, we broadcast out what we ARE. That vibration comes back to us. In order to surprisingly easily receive what we want, we have to become a This is not new, it is an age-old concept and pretty much universally taught.
Every moment of your life you are creating your own reality. With every conscious thought, you are creating your present and your future. Whatever you can imagine in your mind"s eye is achievable, but only if you take action on a plan to get what you want. If you focus on negative thoughts and bad outcomes then you will attract more of the same. If you focus on positive thoughts and goals with a plan of action, then this is what you will manifest."

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