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"The feminine is the holder of powerful rage. Held deep within our hips. Deep within our womb.

It is all of the denial of the feminine - the abuse, betrayal, and fear of the power of vibration.

The feminine knows rage well. It bubbles up in big and small ways. It desires the destruction of all the ways the feminine has been shut down, shut up, and forced to be still.

We have misunderstood its power - its ability to completely upheaval that which is no longer serving us.

Because the feminine knows rage well it also means that within the feminine lies the knowledge of how to use it. It is energy longing to flow, vibration contained until it cannot be contained any longer. It is POWER = VIBRATION FORCE.

This is why it is feared, this is why the feminine is fearedthe feminine in each of us regardless of gender.
How then, do we work with rage?
1st - It asks to be seen

(for we have denied it for so long)

2nd - It asks for space

(for it has been shut up in locked containers for eons)

3rd - It commands that it be allowed to move -NOW

(remember that it is vibration under the pressure of containment and denial)

Once rage has been seen by consciousness, given the space it needs, and allowed to move - this energy moves to become:
CREATIVITY = Vibration, flow, power, and awareness harmoniously working together.

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