The Secret to Getting Unstuck

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Have you ever felt stuck? Like in soul-sucking mud. That's what I heard all week from clients. But, there's a secret to getting unstuck.
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"Have you ever felt stuck? Like in soul-sucking mud. Not one kernel of motivation. Wanting only to sit, or sleep, or just stay under the bed covers. Certainly, not springing forward like our clocks did.

Because that"s what I heard from clients all week long.

However, there"s a secret to not getting stuck.

And that"s what this woman discovered after listening to the Grief is a Call for Care interview. She wrote in saying:

Hi Catherine,

Such a great interview today. All your speakers have been amazing. Excellent work!!!

And I had a personal huge breakthrough on the grief interview with Georgena Eggleston. I"m continuing to do my work to release it. I was shocked to learn I hadn"t fully released it from 29 years ago because I had done so much work at the time.

So this has been a miracle for me, even though I still have more healing to do. I plan to get the help I need and do it!

What"s interesting is that I already had a call scheduled for later that day with Georgena.

Given that testimony, I ask you, are you taking time to be with your grief? To really recognize and relate to it. And to listen to its message?"

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