The Uncertainty Principle

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"In physics, the uncertainty principle asserts that we cannot know the precise values of a system even when we know all of its initial conditions. In the case of an electron, for instance, we can know its position, but not simultaneously its momentum. One or more of its variables will always be uncertain.

Heisenberg"s Uncertainty Principle
I think I"m feeling a little like that electron.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it seems like my whole world has been turned upside-down and uncertainty reigns.

As the seasons are changing, I"m frustrated by the plans I would normally be making.

Can I be planning a summer vacation?
Will I be able to have people over for a barbeque?
Can we gather to watch fireworks on the fourth?
Will school resume in the fall?
Kevin Antshel, psychologist at Syracuse University, explains that, "The fear of the unknown is possibly the most fundamental fear of human beings." He goes on to say, "We"re hard-wired to avoid uncertainty, because it makes us feel lots of negative emotions."

So how can we move through this time of uncertainty? How can we better cope when answers to our questions will not be forthcoming?

First of all, it"s not so much what is happening as much as it is how we view and react to what is happening.

We could say, "I"m trapped at home against my will." But we could also say, "I"m grateful to have such a beautiful home to enjoy this spring."

We could say, "We"re all in danger from exposure to the coronavirus." Or we could say, "I"m creating an environment and a set of practices to keep myself and my family safe."

It"s called reframing."

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