Therapeutic Bodywork vs Relaxation Massage

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"We get lots of questions about the difference between "therapeutic bodywork" and a "relaxation massage". Short answer: one fixes a problem, the other feels good while you are lying on the table. There are definite benefits to a straightforward relaxation massage: reduced stress levels, decreased cortisol production, soothing touch-therapy and muscles getting some much needed blood supply. The main drawback, in my opinion, is that it"s just a temporary "fix" to muscle tension/pain. Once the pain comes back, then the tension and stress return and all the calm is gone. For some that might be the next day, others moments after getting off the table. That"s where "therapeutic bodywork" comes in; where the problems get addressed, the imbalances are tracked down and released and when you get lasting relief. Can therapeutic work be relaxing? Absolutely. Can it be painful? Yep. Getting rid of long-held compensation patterns, old scar tissue and layers-deep restrictions isn"t a walk in the park. However, once your body starts shifting into a healthier, more balanced state you will find it easier to relax, de-stress and calm yourself. Exercise becomes more effective, your stress levels will decrease naturally, maybe you"ll even get better sleep.

Another benefit of therapeutic bodywork is unraveling years of problems. For example, you sprained your ankle when you were 15 playing basketball; ankle wrapped and on crutches for 3 weeks, then limping around for another 2 weeks, but because it wasn"t a "serious injury" nothing is done to fix the structural imbalances from the crutches and limping, or the jacked up shoulders from the ridiculously high crutches. Twenty years later you get tendonitis in a shoulder, then 5 years later you are in a car accident that results in whiplash, broken arm/leg and a concussion. All of these issues have layered throughout your body, compounding imbalances, triggering pain patterns and slowing down your healing. A relaxation massage is going to feel good, calm your mind and help you forget your pain...until you get up. With therapeutic work, we go layer by layer through the whole body, taking into consideration your history and your pain patterns. Release, stabilize, engage and move on to the next level. That"s how therapeutic work gets you whole, functional AND relaxed."

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