Therapy for Teens

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Nate Wilson-Traisman offers therapy to teens and their parents, helping them navigate the challenges of adolescence. Schedule a free consultation
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"The adolescent years are filled with immense physical, emotional, and cognitive change. While this developmental period is exciting, it can also present teenagers and their parents with new challenges.

My previous experiencesas a therapist, high school baseball coach, and teacherhave given me exposure to the unique challenges of adolescence. In particular, I enjoy working with teen boys, as I have the most experience with this age group. As a male therapist, I also have a personal understanding of the joys and difficulties of male adolescence.

It"s no secret that societal norms tell teenage boys and men that seeking help for life"s problems is a sign of weakness. On the contrary, I believe it takes strength to ask for help in times of need. I believe adolescent therapy can be a helpful resource for teen males who are navigating these issues. I am accustomed to working with this age group, and have experience working with clients who are initially reluctant about coming to therapy."

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