TMJD and Chronic Headache

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Helping clients with TMJD, Migraine and Chronic Headache find answers to their pain.
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"Rather than treating symptoms, this gentle yet effective work addresses the root causes of musculo-skeletal pain with advanced, less practiced techniques for the head, neck and shoulders, including intra-oral massage when necessary for the treatment of TMJ disorder.While our personal histories which lead to Headache and TMJ pain are varied, the commonalities we find in the vast majority of cases are chronically inflamed Trigger Points (or "knots") in the muscles of the head, neck and shoulders, which refer pain into the forehead, temples, jaw and behind the eyes, and restrict range of motion throughout the region.By expertly releasing these "knots" and increasing blood supply to the muscle tissue we can often reduce spasm and pain, providing relaxation and a more dynamic range of motion. Clients often experience significant relief in their very first session, remarking that it feels like we're getting at "the spot" responsible for their pain. Having experienced this work many clients find themselves capable of self care treatment strategies for these points."

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