Traditional Chinese Medicine and Lung Health

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"Healthy lungs are a vital part of our overall health. They are responsible for taking in clean oxygen rich air and breathing out carbon dioxide. According to Chinese Medicine having strong and healthy lungs keeps your immune system strong and helps you recover from illness more quickly. Healthy lungs can also provide you with hydrated skin and a bright complexion.

According to Chinese Medicine the lung is associated with the metal element, the direction west, and the season of autumn. Chinese Medicine improves the function of the lungs using acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. Depending on the condition, how long they have had the condition, what makes it better or what makes it worse will determine which channels and meridians will be used. In conditions related to the lungs, acupuncture points along the Lung channel will most likely be used.

Some of the most common lung related respiratory ailments treated with Chinese Medicine include common colds, allergies, asthma, coughing, emphysema, COPD, pneumonia, and acute & chronic bronchitis.

Traditional Chinese medicine has been used for centuries to help improve the function of the lungs. It can help lower the risks of long-term injury while promoting quality of life.

Along with acupuncture and Chinese Medicine you can try a few lung strengthening exercises at home.

Blowing up several balloons each day.
Using muscles that are responsible for breathing like the intercostals elevates your diaphragm and ribcage. Blowing oxygen into the balloons allows you take oxygen in with the breath and expels the carbon dioxide as you exhale. Blowing up balloons strengthens the lungs and can be fun!

Deep belly breathing.
Practice inhaling through your nose counting to 4 with the inhale. Then exhale through your mouth counting to 4 again. Focus on taking deep breaths on the inhale."

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