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"Personal Clearing
Sometimes an energy clearing is all a person needs to move forward in their life. Increasingly, it is recognized that the state of your energy field is an important consideration, as it supports a healthy, happy and energized body and life.
House Clearing
A house clearing offers a full release of the negative history that remains with the house and surrounding grounds on multiple energetic levels, and creates a fresh palette for your life there, that feels light and uplifting. I also offer the option of clearing the fields of house occupants.
In a clearing session...
we work together to identify and release any blockages that tax your body, exhaust you and diminish your ability to live fully and powerfully. Clearing your energy biofield allows for the return of your essential vibrancy. I use a combination of energetic practices from my training with Sacred Energy Work, Reiki energy, Bill Baldwin's Energy Clearing, Shamanic practices, and others to release what is not your energy and restore a healthy balance in your energetic field. There is a deep knowing inside each of us that will illluminate what is blocking your life force.
Clearing your energetic field can activate your intuition, create ease and flow, and support you reconnecting with your natural vibrancy, inner gifts, and true self. Energy clearing allows a return to harmony-- a more vibrant energy flow in the body, enhancing its natural ability to heal. You will feel a tangible sense of energy returning to your body and a lightness of being, while at the same time feeling grounded."

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