Transformative Remedies

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"Homeopathic medicinals are fundamentally different from conventional drugs. Instead of diverting the chemistry of metabolism, they convey complex informational patterns directly from nature. These patterns give the body energy to reset and gain perspective, allowing it to be efficient in its actions.
Although gentle, homeopathic remedies can have a profound impact on the body. Homeopaths intend to provide support for the evolution and transformation of a person who is challenged by a specific crisis. Each crisis involves a pattern of resistance or a blockage in the body. This blockage or resistance is where symptoms originate.
The remedy allows and supports the patient to move through the crisis, the blockage that is created in the body and mind, with more ease. Homeopathy has the ability to resolve buried issues so that the energy that had been invested in them or keeping them out of consciousness becomes available for another focus."

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