Transition in Your Family

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"Has a recent transition in your family left your child reeling? Perhaps a move, divorce, or loss in the family has overwhelmed your child, causing them to lash out in anger, frustration, or sadness. Or maybe you"ve seen a concerning change in your child, such as an increase in shouting or a regression in behavior. If your child is older, you may worry they are depressed or anxious.Is your child struggling to keep up in school? You may recognize that academic issues are affecting your child"s self-esteem, but you aren"t sure what you can do to help them regain their confidence. Maybe you"ve noticed your child is becoming increasingly isolated, and you worry they are spending too much time alone instead of making new friends. You know your child is capable of success, but that only makes it harder when you see how problems at school are affecting their sense of self-worth.Has your child"s behavior started affecting your ability to be an effective parent? You may be too embarrassed by their behavior to go out as a family. Or maybe you are nervous about hiring a babysitter for fear of how your child will act when you aren"t around. In fact, you can"t remember the last time you had a worry-free night out with your spouse. Even on good days, the extra time your child needs before leaving the house may often cause you to be late to work.Do you wish you knew how to manage your child"s behavior and address their needs in a healthy, productive way? Are you ready to foster a more loving, trusting family environment that will help your child thrive both now and as they grow older?"

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