Transpersonal Therapy

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"What sets transpersonal therapy apart from other pathways? It is an inclusive difference, in that it adds a dimension to all the basic, traditional practices of psycotherapy. Existential and spiritual studies have always existed but they have not always been part of a philosophy of psychotherapy. Carl Jung might be viewed as the first major influence in this field due to his studies of dreams, archetypes and meaning.
There are no special techniques that a transpersonal therapist practices, but more an approach that takes issues of meaning, spirituality and soul into account. For example, a person suffering with anxiety or depression is looking for relief from their symptoms, rightly so, but may also discover that these symptoms are tied to the soul"s purpose that is crying for attention. As a trained transpersonal therapist, I am observant of these cues and can help bring these signs to awareness.
Symptoms, according to traditional practices, must be dealt with and removed. In transpersonal therapy, they are part of the language of the soul and must be listened to for direction. Therefore it is also important to listen to the moments of joy and peace. What are they suggesting about your life"s journey?"

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