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Did you know that TBI and post-concussion syndrome affects millions of people every year? HBOT can help with TBI treatment and recovery from stroke.
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"For those suffering from cancer, radiation therapy can be a lifesaver. While it has been very effective for millions of people, it can be an uncomfortable treatment that presents new health issues that need to be addressed to live a comfortable life.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment, or HBOT, allows patients to fight the damaging effects of radiation treatment. In this month"s post, we"ll take a close look at

Radiation therapy and its side effects
What exactly radiation necrosis is
What HBOT is and how it can help treat radiation necrosis

What is radiation therapy?
Radiation therapy uses high doses of radiation such as high-energy x-ray or electron, photon, or proton beams to kill cancerous cells and ultimately eliminate cancer from the body.

Radiation therapy destroys the DNA of the cancerous cells. When this happens, cancer cells stop dividing and growing, thus helping stop the growth of the cells and cancer.

Unfortunately, radiation therapy does not immediately kill these cells, nor is it always successful. Additionally, multiple treatments over multiple sessions are likely required. Repeated radiation treatments can eventually kill healthy cells as well, leading to complications.

Common types of radiation therapy
The type of radiation you receive depends on a number of factors, including:

The type of cancer
Location and size of cancerous tumor(s)
How close the cancerous tumor is to sensitive healthy tissue in your body
Your medical history and state of general health
Depending on these factors, you may be treated with with external beam radiation therapy or internal radiation therapy.

External beam radiation is a local treatment that beams radiation to a specific, targeted area outside of your body with a device known as a "linear accelerator." Since treatment can be placed with pinpoint precision, radiation will administered where it is needed.
Internal radiation therapy is a radiation treatment where radiation is placed inside your body, either in solid or liquid form."

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