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Are you suffering from drug or alcohol addiction? Begin your treatment today by calling Tree House Recovery in Portland, Oregon .
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"We provide our Addiction Education sessions in a comfortable classroom-like setting. We want participants to feel encouraged and welcomed as part of a group of individuals who are ready to learn with open minds. There is no pressure to have the right answers, no worry of failure and no judgment about what you do or don"t already know. Instead, these sessions are an opportunity for you to learn about the disease of addiction alongside others who are seeking healing through knowledge.

Our sessions are led by addiction experts who have an in-depth understanding of the physical and psychological effects that substance abuse can have. Your teachers will be clinical and medical professionals who are highly qualified and keep up-to-date on the newest addiction research. They are also trained to help you work through more personal issues that may arise during these group sessions, since learning about addiction often leads to realizations about how it has manifested in your own life"

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